My Gold Coast Itinerary #3

My Free and Easy Itinerary – Brisbane and Gold Coast

To continue from  my previous posting, I am going to share with you how we spent  our 8 days  in Brisbane,  south of Brisbane and  the surrounding attraction areas of Gold Coast.

Day 1 :  Arriving at Brisbane Airport  (8pm)

  • Pick up Rental SUV from Hertz at the Airport
  • Shop for Groceries at Woolsworth  24hours at Skygate.
  • Drive south of Brisbane into Brisbane Holiday Village (BHV) for check in at the Penthouse Cabin.

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My Gold Coast Itinerary #2

Packing for the Gold Coast Trip

Because it was the start of summer (mid Nov 2014) in Brisbane and Gold Coast, we could travel light (each had one baggage).   It was important to carry a sweater/jacket for use in the plane during the long overnight flight.

I had to brief my in-laws,  that food items are not permitted on arrival in Australia.  That meant leaving out the cream crackers and 3 in 1 coffee mix from their packing list.  I would recommend anyone travelling to Australia for the first time  to read  this Australia – Declare It  so that you know what to exclude when packing  your luggage and bags. Continue reading “My Gold Coast Itinerary #2”

My Gold Coast Itinerary #1

Gold Coast Itinerary – Planning

My Gold Coast Itinerary planning started back in September 2014,  when my wife suggested that I organize a family vacation before the year end 2014.  The group for this trip comprised my in-laws (mid 70s), my wife and my 2 daughters (9 & 12).

We wanted to go on an overseas vacation where the weather in November 2014 has to be  nice and not winter-like.    This criteria is important for my in-laws who do not cope with cold weather, therefore disqualifying winter season destination like China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Taiwan. My in-law and children have been to Bali in 2013 and Bangkok in 2014.  But they and my wife have not been to  Brisbane and Gold Coast,  Australia. Continue reading “My Gold Coast Itinerary #1”