Pork Ball Noodle in Setapak, Must Try!

Sam Kan Cheong style in Setapak!

Introducing the Pork Ball Noodle found only in Kuala Lumpur.

Pork Ball Noodle is very popular with the Malaysian Chinese residing in Kuala Lumpur. Most local folks in Kuala Lumpur will be able to point you to the best spots for Pork Ball noodles.  Pork Ball noodles can be served either with soup or as a dry version with dark soy sauce. The condiments for either version are still the same. You will get Square Pork Ball in flat strip (4 pieces),  Fried Mince Pork, and slices of Chinese Sausage (fried small intestines as filling).

The locals in Kuala Lumpur also refers to this as “Sam Kan Chong” (in Cantonese 三间庄) noodles, made popular some 60 years ago. Here is the link to the history of “Sam Kan Chong”

My pick of Pork Ball Noodle in Setapak

There is a  noodle stall, in Setapak  (North East Suburb of Kuala Lumpur) which does a brisk business selling very tasty Pork Ball Noodle every morning (rest on Tuesdays). The stall runs from 7am – 12.30pm, operates inside the Chinese Coffee Shop called Kedai Makanan Sky on Jalan Prima Setapak  2, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.

The stall is run by a Husband and Wife team originating from Penang and assisted by a helper.

You can choose the combo of 2 noodles for your order –  flat  rice noodles (Kuey Teow) , rice vermicelli (Bee Hoon),  yellow thin wheat noodles (Yellow Mee).  Small serving order is RM5.50 while Large is RM6.00.

The featured image at the top of the post, is the Pork Ball Noodle in Soup served by this stall. Notice the missing  Chinese Sausage slices in the bowl?  I deliberately, asked to exclude them because I did not enjoy the sausage fillings made from minced pig small intestines…  It is an acquired taste, where some people love it, while others like me just stay away from it…

Try the Fish Ball Noodle Soup too!

The other noodle soup you can order here is, the Fish Ball Noodle Soup. This is my other favourite noodle soup from this stall. The condiments added into the noodle soup are : Fish Balls, Pork Ball, Slices of Fish Cakes. See the image below.

What do I look for in a great Noodle Soup?  Firstly, the soup must not be oily.  A dash of sesame oil is acceptable for the nutty fragrant. Secondly, a sprinkle of white pepper is ok but not in excessive amount. Since too much pepper will cloud the soup taste and make it hot! Lastly and most importantly, the soup must have that natural rich meat and bone flavour resulting from long hours of simmering in a pot.


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