Dry Wan Tan Mee in Setapak, Must Try!

Dry Wan Tan Mee Malaysia Style

Dry Wan Tan Mee is popular in Malaysia

If you are an overseas visitor to Malaysia, and you want to have the localised dry sauce Won Ton Noodle.  Firstly, you need to be aware that, in Malaysia, it is known as Dry Wan Tan Mee.  And the second rule, is you must remember to emphasize  “Dry” style. Let’s say, you forgot to mention this and if you wanted “Soup” style, your noodle will be served to you in the Dry version which is the majority of Malaysian choice.

Check Out my favourite Wan Tan Mee place in Setapak

There are so many good places to have Wan Tan Mee in Kuala Lumpur.   My favourite go to place for Dry Wan Tan Mee, is located at Restoran A H C, on Jalan 2/23F, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.  The stall has been here since 2003. Operating hours from 7:15am till 1:00pm daily except for Thursdays. The Wan Tan Mee seller himself is in his 50s, learned the trade from his father-in-law who has since retired, continuing the Wan Tan Mee legacy in Setapak vicinity.

The featured image, shows the Dry Wan Tan mee  (medium) complete with  4 pieces of Wan Tan dumplings (minced pork fillings), few slices of Honey Roasted Pork and the boiled Choy Sum vegetables. By default, you will not be given the soup if you ask for order to go (or take-away) but you may still request.  This is the reason why you see the Wan Tan dumplings are on my plate.

The price is reasonable, and the serving is generous. At RM5.00 (Small or 1 noodle),  RM5.50 (Medium or 1 + 1/2 noodle) and RM5.80 (Large or double noodle).  Add-on Wan Tan dumplings are available RM0.30 each. Sometimes I skip the egg noodles, and go for the  10 pieces Wan Tan dumplings served in the Chicken based soup with Choy Sum.  

Other times, I order the Flat Rice Noodle.   Great place to enjoy your noodle !

What makes a Great Dry Wan Tan Mee?

To me, the criteria for good tasty Dry Wan Tan Mee are;

  • The thin noodle when cooked must be springy and not sticky-like in a clump.
  • The thin noodle must be free the taste of corn starch and bicarbonate soda (used as preservatives). Usually fresh produced thin noodle  made same day or the previous night, will not require preservatives.
  • Dry or Soup version should not have fried pork lards  added,  as it masks the true Dry Sauce taste and the Chicken Stock Soup. Moreover, with lards, it makes the noodles excessively greasy especially on the Dry version.
  • The accompanying boiled Wan Tan dumpling and Honey Roasted Pork (Char Siew) should be satisfying and fresh. Bad choice would be to offer deep fried Wan Tan dumpling to substitute boiled Wan Tan dumpling.
    • Reason 1#, Deep fried Wan Tan dumpling is not crunchy if prepared early only to serve  3 to 4 hours later.
    • Reason 2#, Deep fried Wan Tan dumpling is often offered as standalone starters, and seldom together with Wan Tan noodles.
  • The vegetable accompanying Wan Tan Mee should always be Choy Sum. The whole experience of enjoying traditional Wan Tan Mee in Malaysia will not be quite the same if  Choy Sum are replaced with Beans Sprout or other substitute greens.

Do share why and what you  like about the Dry Won Ton noodles from Malaysia.



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