Chinese Curry Laksa in Setapak, Must Try!

Curry Laksa or Kari Mee as known in Malaysia

Curry Laksa also known as Kari Mee  in Malaysia is the popular noodle meal served in a bowl of curry broth with condiments that could include boiled egg, shredded steam chicken, cockles, fried bean curd puff  (tofu pok), long beans and shrimps.

Which Curry Laksa should I have ? Well, there are 3 main Curry Laksa versions in Malaysia to choose from;

(i) Chinese Curry Laksa,

(ii) Malay Kari Mee,

(iii) Indian Muslim  (mamak)  Kari Mee.

I have had all the above, but I am only going to review the Chinese Curry Laksa  since I  frequent this a lot  as compared to the other 2.

Chinese Curry Laksa – Best in Setapak !

So far as I can remember, the only Chinese Curry Laksa, that I will consume its broth to the last drop from the bowl,  is served by the noodle stall operating  at  Restoran Sky, Jalan Prima Setapak 1, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

The noodle stall operates from 6.30pm daily except Thursday which is rest day. I have been patronizing this stall from the mid 1980s. The owner and his wife used to run the same noodle stall at  the Jalan Angsana popular hawker centre at Taman P Ramlee, Setapak before shifting to the current location in the late 1990s.

The menu  list is written in Chinese, offering  Curry Laksa, Assam Laksa,  Chicken Clear Soup Noodle and Dark Sauce Dry Noodles. I recommend the Curry Laksa and Clear Soup Noodles if you are going there.

You get to choose either 1 noodle or 2 noodles combo from the selection of Yellow Thin Wheat Noodle (Yellow Mee) , Flat Rice Noodle (Kuey Teow) and Rice Vermicelli (Mee Hoon). The condiments to go with Curry Laksa are ;   steamed chicken, cockles, fried bean curd puff  and shrimps. You may choose to pay extra to have fish balls added.  My typical Chinese Curry Laksa order, is per the featured image. It is the Yellow Thin Noodle and Vermicelli combo option accompanied by fried bean curd puff and steamed chicken. No cockles (is an acquired taste) and shrimps (triggers eczema) for me. The price for medium order is RM6.00 while the large is at RM6.50

Kuala Lumpur  Curry Laksa vs Penang Kari Mee

Kuala Lumpur Chinese Curry Laksa  do not taste anything like the Penang Chinese White Kari Mee.  In the Kuala Lumpur style, the Chinese Curry Laksa has more curry powder flavour and the broth is chicken based  while the Penang style is usually seafood flavoured broth. The condiments are different too, with the Kuala Lumpur style offering chicken, fried bean curd puff, shrimps and cockles. Penang style condiments are usually the boiled bean curd puffs, boiled pig blood (popular with Penangites, but not with Kuala Lumpur folks like me!),  either prawns or cuttlefish and long beans.

It is hard to find fans of both Kuala Lumpur and Penang curry flavoured noodles.  Normally, a foodie will prefer one style over the other. Mine is with this Kuala Lumpur Chinese Curry Laksa from my favourite stall featured on this post.

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