My Gold Coast Itinerary #2

Packing for the Gold Coast Trip

Because it was the start of summer (mid Nov 2014) in Brisbane and Gold Coast, we could travel light (each had one baggage).   It was important to carry a sweater/jacket for use in the plane during the long overnight flight.

I had to brief my in-laws,  that food items are not permitted on arrival in Australia.  That meant leaving out the cream crackers and 3 in 1 coffee mix from their packing list.  I would recommend anyone travelling to Australia for the first time  to read  this Australia – Declare It  so that you know what to exclude when packing  your luggage and bags.

I knew that Australia power outlet requires Type I plug for electricity at 230V 50Hz after verifying on the internet. So I brought along 2 different  universal travel  adapters.  To my dismay, both travel adapters would not stay plugged into the power outlet and  would drop off a few seconds later. So I had to invest in 2 new travel adapters (see featured image above post)  purchased from  K-Mart while we were in Australia.

A handy Sistema rice steamer was packed for this trip, knowing that the family will miss rice  during our 8 days stay.  It just takes  12 minutes  in a microwave at 1000W setting to cook long grain white rice  for up to 4 people.  Since we have 6 people to feed,  I  simply repeat one more time the rice cooking process.


Arriving at Brisbane International Airport

We arrived at about 8:05pm local time and made through the immigration and custom fairly quick since we had nothing to declare. Before exiting customs, we were made to line up and place our hand baggages on the floor so that the inspection dog (Beagle) would  inspect by scent if any visitor packed  the prohibited food item or plant animal product in the baggages.


Picking up Rental SUV from Hertz

We pre-booked from Hertz, a 7 seater Toyota Kluger SUV. This  type of family SUV is not available in the Malaysian market. To move 7 people around in Malaysia we are likely to go for MPV like Biante, Estima, Serena etc. In Australia, I would prefer to hire a SUV over MPV to carry 6 people around with  ample space for our luggages and bags.

The SUV is parked at the  secured Open Car Park across the Domestic Terminal building. Before heading to my booked accomodation, I set the GPS to the 24 hours Woolworths at Skygate, a short  5 minutes from the airport, to pick up groceries supply. It was already nearly 9pm before I drove the car out to Skygate.

Late Check-In at Brisbane Holiday Village

From the Skygate,  it was another 30 minutes to arrive at our accomodation destination.  We booked a Penthouse Cabin with Brisbane Holiday Village (BHV), that has 3 bedrooms and  3 bathrooms (2 has shower), a living area and a fully equipped kitchen.

I picked up the Penthouse Cabin key from a Key SafeBox outside the BHV Main Reception. To my surprise, in the SafeBox, beside the key, there was also 1 complimentary UHT milk carton (1 litre) as welcome pack. Normally, I would expect complimentary item to appear on the kitchen top or dining table in the house.

There was not much to do for the 1st night as we have arrived to the Penthouse cabin at 11.00pm. So  we unload the groceries and unpack our luggages, make ourselves comfortable in our new ‘home’. The real adventure starts from day 2 of this  8 days trip.

My next post will cover the sight seeings,  food  and the shopping  activities.

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